Engagement with Voice-User Interface Agents


Anastasia Ostrowski 2018

Anastasia Ostrowski

Voice-user interfaces (VUIs), such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, are increasingly becoming present in domestic environments. Users attribute agency and personality traits to these AI agents. Due to the social attributes of these technologies, users try to understand the agents' characteristics based on social norms. These factors affect user experience quality and overall engagement, which, when considering first experiences, can impact continuous usage and engagement with VUI technology.

Our work examines users’ first impressions and interactions with  VUI agents, such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Jibo, with varying brands and modalities. Using personality and experience questionnaires, we seek to understand how VUI modalities, form, and personality affect engagement with VUIs. 

In studies thus far, we have investigated how social embodiment, interpersonal movement, and branding influence users' perceptions of VUIs and their behaviors when interacting with VUIs.