Scratch Mondays

Carolina Rodeghiero


Scratch Mondays is an initiative  to share the Scratch Day spirit to schools in Brazil.

After having a big Scratch Day event in 2018 in my hometown, the year after I decided that it would be more interesting to support schools and teachers on their own effort to organize their own events.

In April 2019,  I experimented together with collaborators in Brazil what I call the Scratch Mondays (Segundas de Scratch), gathering school teachers who want to learn about Scratch and organize a Scratch Day in their own school. For more than six weeks,  these educators were spending every Monday night together, experimenting Scratch, organizing their events and sharing ideas on how to practice creative computing with their students.

After almost two months, I thought it was time to share with these educators something that could inspire them to keep exploring Scratch in many ways, even after the Scratch Mondays. So I prepared what I call the Scratch Day kit: a kit full of resources and materials that can inspire people to organize and create activities for a Scratch Day. The kit was homemade and pretty simple, but it was prepared with lots of love, paying attention to details: the materials in the box are things that they've experimented on Scratch Mondays. Others were complementary for the event and based on their interests along our meetings, making the kit not only inspiring but meaningful for these educators.

Here are photos of the box and of the simple and happy night we had sharing it with teachers during a Scratch Monday.

This is the  list of items for its first version. You’re very welcome to make comments and suggestions.

In 2020, Scratch Mondays will be organized nationwide, as part of the "Scratch & Creative Computing" program lead by the Brazilian Creative Learning Network. 

Do you lead or know any initiative to promote and support schools in their Scratch Days?
What do you think it would be useful in a Scratch Day kit? 

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