Scratch Memories

MIT Media Lab / Lifelong Kindergarten 

Scratch Memories is a web-based visualization tool that empowers children to celebrate and reflect on their creative journey with Scratch. The system dynamically generates personalized visualizations in the form of a video, highlighting a user’s key moments, diverse creations, and collaborative experiences in the online community. 

Existing tools for visualizing children’s progress in computational learning are primarily designed for educators, and often focus exclusively on evaluating predefined concepts in individual projects. The goal of Scratch Memories is to present a new approach towards designing positive reflective experiences that value the full range of children’s contributions as members of a creative community.

The tool engages young people to reflect on their personal growth over time—starting from their first experiments with code to seeing the increasing diversity and complexity of their projects over time; and from their initial interactions in the community to seeing how their projects have inspired others around the world. Such reflective experiences can not only help young creators feel proud about how far they have come, but also to feel inspired by their own trajectories to continue exploring new possibilities.