Physiophone: Electrophysiology Sonification

Mostafa 'Neo' Mohsenvand


The human body produces a variety of different electrophysiological signals from brain-waves (EEG) to the electrical activity of the heart (ECG) to muscles (EMG) and even the gastrointestinal system (EGG). Physiophone aims to serve as an auditory display for these signals with the following characteristics:

  1. Real-time: The sound is synthesized in real-time with small latency (<0.1s)
  2. High-fidelity: The sound captures the details of the signal down to 𝜇V level 
  3. Interactive: The instrument can be interactively used on the body where the physician can change the position of the electrodes and the parameters of the sound-generation algorithm with ease (see the video below).
  4. Light-weight and Low-power: The instrument is light and portable and can be used for many hours of inspection and recording on a single charge.