Panoptic Journey

Thomas Sanchez Lengling


Imagine if you want to travel to a destination and once you are there hear only car horns, or see only blue, or feel a single spectral color of the city. The project Is about experiencing a city in a different way and to discovery distinct paths to travel. This is by including artificial soundscapes and visuals from other contexts. Part of this is knowing what sounds are around us and what are we looking at when we are walking in the city. The new experiences is an extra layer of sensory stimuli in the city. The study includes experiencing a city with colors and sounds from another location that we haven’t been to. This "transfer" process transfers colors and sounds to another location - while still being in the same city. One potentially could transfer emotional content from one city to another one. Overall, the immersive and multi-sensory representation of a map is crucial for allowing participants to fully feel that place. In addition, the goal is to offer a helpful, immersive, subjective - rather than a detached, observational- experience.