Neural mismatch model for adaptive sensory remapping


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Everett Lawson

Proprioceptive feedback systems for kinetosis (motion sickness) treatment and prevention

Rather than treating the environment, the automobile and the various independent mechanisms of human biology that result in motion sickness as independent from one another, we can simplify the model.  Due to technological advances in the automotive industry we can posit an assumption that a single automobile and its sensing technologies may represent the vestibular occupancy of the vehicle and, rather than creating an individual intervention to mitigate car sickness across a vehicle’s population, the vehicle sensing capabilities can function as a metric of the human vestibular system allowing the reduction of parameterization of possible kinetosis outcomes to visual discordance.  My dissertation is specifically looking at low level visual mechanisms as a conduit to intervene weighted estimations of scene velocity.  This prototype reduced to practice is in the form of a standalone headrest, equipped with processing and feedback mechanisms for kinetosis mitigation and prevention.