Multi-Modal-Mixer (MMM)


The entire hyperinstruments project was founded on the idea of giving individuals powerful control over many layers and levels of music, in a way that has previously only been possible in complex multitrack digital recording studios�and then only in non-real-time, as sound engineers, producers, and musicians manipulate and arrange every last sound of the CDs we hear, often achieving "perfection" but sacrificing the intuition, gestuality, and communication of real-time music performance. Using the many conceptual and technical advances of over ten years of hyperinstrument development, we are returning to our original inspiration, to develop a multi-interface environment designed for the precise, subtle, and expressive manipulation of multiple layers of sound. We are construcing an environment�and a special hand-manipulated sensor interface�that can be tuned either as a high-end system for the most discerning musicians, or as a "sonic playground" for the youngest children. The first application of the MMM will be as a complement to the Sensor Chair in the Future Music Blender.