Abhinandan Jain

Abhinandan Jain

MoveU is a wearable vestibular stimulation device for providing proprioceptive haptic feedback in virtual reality (VR).  The device induces sensations of motion corresponding to virtual motion, thereby increasing immersion in VR and reducing cybersickness. 

MoveU non-invasively stimulates the vestibular system using a technique called galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS). GVS is a specific way to elicit vestibular reflexes using electrical current. This technique has been used for over a century to study the function of the vestibular system. In addition to GVS, the device supports physiological sensing by connecting heart rate, electrodermal activity, and other sensors  using a plug-and-play mechanism offering flexibility for further development. MoveU supports multiple categories of virtual reality applications with different types of virtual motions such as driving, navigating by flying, teleporting, or riding. 

The device is a working prototype and we evaluated the effects of synchronous vestibular stimulation on mitigating cybersickness and increasing the sense of immersion in a VR environment (see publications for more info).