Measurement of Violin Bowing Technique


There have been few studies of bowing data from real players, in part due to the difficulty in capturing this information. We have designed an interface to measure bowing parameters produced by real players, while maintaining the portability and playability of a traditional violin bow. This interface, the Hyperbow, consists of a carbon-fiber violin bow with a custom wireless sensing system (with accelerometers, gyroscopes, electric field position and force sensors). The Hyperbow is partnered with a Yamaha Silent Violin SV-200 also augmented with gesture sensors. This playable measurement system is the core component of an experimental setup used to investigate the bowing parameters produced by real violinists. In these investigations, the parameters are recorded with the sound produced during performances of different bowing techniques (d�tach�, martel�, spiccato). These data can then be analyzed to help understand the various strategies employed by violinists to achieve similar goals in sound production.