Inertial Gesture Recognition and Compact Inertial Sensor Packages


Building on our Expressive Footwear project, we have constructed a low-cost, compact, wireless inertial measurement unit, featuring three axes of both gyroscopes and accelerometers. We have used this device in applications that determine rotational and translational gestural features and estimated orientation in 3-D with fairly good accuracy. The cubical package measures 1.25" on a side and the system will run continuously for two days on embedded batteries. More recently, we built a framework for gesture recognition and feedback through this device, enabling users to easily assemble a gesture-recognition front-end for a wide variety of applications. This system can recognize both the type and parameters of a number of atomic gestures, which can then by combined to create composite gestures whose execution can be tied to various outputs. A simplified hand-held version of this framework is now on display.