Identity Convergence: Physical, Digital, and Beyond

Who are you now? This project aims to model the answer to that question, in all its relevant dimensions and constructs, within the context of an online and physical multi-user environment. Using federated identity management systems as a starting point, we are exploring interoperable expressions of names, rights, duties, preferences, self-expression, and pointers to other information. The prototypes are being designed against various concept car approaches so that driver and passengers can be authenticated to enter the car, enjoy personalized physical and data environments in it, and enable transactions and other interactions with people and systems in other cars or places. Modules and extensions will include support for self-motivational ticklers, health and wellness regimes, group dynamics intervention and religious or spiritual framing and thematic reminders. The expression dialect is currently XML, with LDAP compliant directory interoperability, and integration hooks for PIMs, phones, car systems, and desktop applications.