Hybrid Autonomous Shared Bike Fleet Deployment Simulator


Cities around the world are striving to improve livability by way of reducing dependency on fossil-fuels cars. How might we leverage the autonomous technology to help fulfill this vision, while ensuring the flow of people and goods across the city? The Persuasive Electric Vehicle (PEV) is a small, on-demand, shared, agile, autonomous, and functionally hybrid tricycle. We believe it will become a critical platform in the constellation of emerging mobility systems. The PEV will be a shared bike platform for people's inner-urban and last-mile travel needs, and for delivering goods on-demand around the clock. To deploy it in the real world, it is necessary to match the fleet supply with its demand. This simulator enables cities around the world to forecast the fleet size based on proxy demands from taxis, shared bikes, shared car services, and Call Detail Records (CDR).