SilverStringers is a community-centric approach to news coverage and presentation, tapping into the strength of the older generation to develop techniques for the next-generation coverage of cities and towns. Persons over the age of 50 have unparalleled wisdom about the communities where they have lived and/or worked. SilverStringers is intended to train and equip men and women in this age group to be reporters, photographers, illustrators, editors, and designers of a localized computer network. We are interested in enhancing grass-roots communications while at the same time discovering new models for media coverage. Often, communities have only an oral basis, but no other platform for information sharing, storytelling, and exchanging past experiences. Improved communication promotes and tightens relationships, and can even create bridges between generations. HDL is a tool that aims to provide such a platform, by taking advantage of the feedback obtained from the SilverStringers (and other users of its predecessor project, Pluto). Using XML/XSL, HDL offers the ability to deliver and create content for devices other than desktop computers, such as mobile phones, PDAs, and set-top boxes. Another new feature is the ability to include streaming video and audio content in the stories. The development of an HDL audio version is underway. The publications that are created will be regularly broadcast on specific days and times, can be 15 to 30 minutes long, and can have target audiences that are urban or rural.