Nicole L'Huillier


Diastrophisms is a sound installation with a modular system that sends images through rhythmic patterns. It is built on a set of debris from the Alto Río building that was destroyed by the 27F earthquake in 2010 in Chile. With  Diastrophisms we were looking for a poetical, critical and political crossing between technology and matter, in order to raise questions about the relationship between human beings and nature, and to consider the construction of memory in a community by questioning the notion of monument, as well as to imagine new forms of communication in times of crisis.

Work by: Nicole L’Huillier, Thomas Sanchez Lengeling, and Yasushi Sakai

Exhibited at Siggraph Art Gallery 2018, curated by Andres Burbano. A paper about this work was published in Leonardo Journal for the special edition of Siggraph 2018 Art Papers and Art Gallery Exhibition. The paper was written by Nicole L’Huillier and Valentina Montero.

Diastrophisms was also exhibited as "Diastrofismos" at the Media Arts Bienal, Santiago de Chile, 2017, curated by Valentina Montero.