Vivian Diep

Citizens and journalists are increasingly choosing to live stream civic events. But live streams are currently hard to find and lack in-depth information about the events being documented. DeepStream seeks to increase participation in this emergent form of media by creating tools for live stream curation. Users can add relevant news stories, images, tweets, and other media to almost any live or on-demand video to create more informative and engaging viewing experiences. To help find relevant videos, Deepstream includes a search engine that lets you find live streams across multiple platforms with a single search query.

By lowering the technical barriers to creating enhanced live and on-demand videos, Deepstream makes it possible for newsrooms or individuals to curate the chaos of live streams from major global events, add media to video in real-time like fact-checking live political debates, or create enhanced version of documentaries with extra footage and related stories that appear at specific times. Our goal is to connect viewers to global events in a way that emphasizes local perspectives and deeper engagement, while maintaining the experience of immediacy and authenticity that is an essential part of live streaming.

Research Topics
#civic media #social media