Cryptoeconomic Systems Journal and Conference Series

Crytoeconomic systems

Cryptoeconomic Systems (CES) aims to be the premier publication venue for blockchain research.

Our mission is simple: collect and disseminate the best, most innovative research in the space. As blockchain grows, the need for dedicated, peer-reviewed publication is self-evident. Amazing research is released daily but is often scattered among conferences, journals, and even personal blogs. We hope to both capture all of the cutting-edge thinking occurring in blockchain, and expand the way we think about decentralized systems. To that end, CES is intentionally multidisciplinary. By bringing together technical fields such as cryptography or protocol engineering, and placing them side-by-side with fields like economics, law, philosophy, or art, we are confident amazing new insights will arise—and with them, a more mature research commons that puts blockchain first. Please visit our website for more information.

The journal is published by The MIT Press using a diamond open access policy, coordinated by two Editors-in-Chief: Andrew Miller (UIUC/IC3) and Neha Narula (MIT DCI), along with Managing Editor Reuben Youngblom (MIT/Stanford). High-level guidance comes from our Advisory Board.