CivicLink 2.0

 Daniel Marquez


Major political campaigns and nonprofit organizations use bespoke systems to organize, inform, and solicit members. These top-down systems often require professional IT support and are proprietary, expensive, and inaccessible to smaller organizations. CivicLink is a bottom-up system designed to work at any scale, with a particular focus on the needs of small, grassroots campaigns and community groups.  Now, it is meant to suit adhoc and emergent local groups that are forming to help neighbors in a time of need and mandated isolation.  An example is a shopping list to allow people to piggyback on a food or hardware order. The real goal is to generalize this and make it easy to add your own ideas without any programming.  Be it a phone tree, a checkin scheduler, a petition drive, or a voter registration drive, Civic Link should be there to help organize and mobilize.