By 2030, nine billion people will populate the globe and six out of every 10 will live in cities. The future of global food production will mandate a paradigm shift to resource-leveraged and environmentally sound urban food-growing solutions. The CityFARM project explores building-integrated agriculture and environmentally optimized growing. We are exploring what it means–technologically, environmentally, and socially–to design industrially scalable agricultural systems in the heart of urban areas. Through innovative research, and through development of hydroponic and aeroponic systems, diagnostic and networked sensing, building integration, and reductive energy design, CityFARM methodology reduces water consumption by 90 percent, eliminates chemical pesticides, and reduces embodied energy in produce by a factor of four. By fundamentally rethinking "grow it THERE and eat it HERE," we can eliminate environmental contaminants and increase access to nutrient-dense produce in our future cities.