Fluid Interfaces group

Cassie Scheirer

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Nataliya Kos'myna
Research Scientist
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Pattie Maes
Professor of Media Technology; Germeshausen Professor

Other Contributors

Big thank you to  all the collaborators and participants who made this project possible.  

Please check the webpage of the project to find out more about the team!

Current collaborators include (as of 08/18/2023): 

Ryn Moore, Mina Terzioglu, Christopher M. Markus, Youssif Seisa, Keya Shah, Gun Bolukbasi.

Past collaborators include: Liam Sullivan, Daniel Hails, Zoe Lee, Louis Hand, Nina Cragg, Yujie Wang, Klare Hu, Noah Pacik-Nelson, Sophia Rim, Viktor Makarskyy, Thanh Nguyen, Jin Dou, Caitlin Morris, Utkarsh Sarawgi, Benny Roover.