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Laura Perovich

ArtBoat is a tool for communities to make collaborative light paintings in public spaces and reimagine the future of their cities.  Visit our project website at

ArtBoat consists of a remote control boat with light strips that change color in response to a custom light design board. During ArtBoat events, community members can drive remote controlled boats, control the color of lights on the boats, or take long exposure photographs to make collaborative light graffiti that explores how art can help communities claim public spaces. 

Our first ArtBoat community event was on July 29, 2018 at Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge, MA. Thanks to our Magazine Beach host Cathie Zusy, our photographers Jorge Valdez (IG: jorgelvma), Ron Hoffmann (IG:, Neil Gaikwad (IG: Neil Gaikwad Photography), Garance Malivel, and Jimmy Day, our boat facilitators, and our participants.  Our second ArtBoat event was on September 22, 2018  at Herter Park Amphitheater in Boston, MA, as part of the 15th anniversary Revels RiverSing

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ArtBoat is a sister project of SeeBoat. It is an open source project licensed under GPLv2 and Creative Commons.