Architectural Machines

We are augmenting Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machines used in fabrication, prototyping, and construction. This project aims to develop processes that enable additive prototyping and construction at a large, architectural scale. One implementation combines robot arms with 3D weaving technology to create a new, high-accuracy prototyping machine for on-site fabrication in industries such as architecture, aerospace, and automotive. It would also be suitable for environments that are difficult for humans to inhabit�remote mountain or desert regions, deep sea or even outer space! Currently, industrial robot arms are not only used for repetitive assembly line tasks, but also for composite lay-up, bricklaying, milling and routing, welding, applying adhesives, but these automated CNC systems are mostly stationary and depend on molds to form the final shapes. We are investigating the potential for on-site construction machines that would cut down on overhead in management, coordination, fabrication, and transportation.