AIDA: Affective Intelligent Driving Agent


Drivers spend a significant amount of time multi-tasking while they are behind the wheel. These dangerous behaviors, particularly texting while driving, can lead to distractions and ultimately to accidents. Many in-car interfaces designed to address this issue still neither take a proactive role to assist the driver nor leverage aspects of the driver's daily life to make the driving experience more seamless. In collaboration with Volkswagen/Audi and the SENSEable City Lab, we are developing AIDA (Affective Intelligent Driving Agent), a robotic driver-vehicle interface that acts as a sociable partner. AIDA elicits facial expressions and strong non-verbal cues for engaging social interaction with the driver. AIDA also leverages the driver's mobile device as its face, which promotes safety, offers proactive driver support, and fosters deeper personalization to the driver.