AI Ethics and Governance

This work is being continued through The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at MIT.

This project will support social scientists, philosophers, and policy and legal scholars who undertake research that aims to impact how artificial intelligence technologies are designed, implemented, understood, and held accountable. It will also provide a platform to create, convene, and support a diverse and powerful network of people and institutions who are working to steer AI in ethically conscious directions, both in fields of specialized AI as well as general AI.  The project will investigate the social implications of the maturation and proliferation of AI. It will help catalyze and support research that advances AI in the public interest and fund engineers who want to help define public interest in AI through the code they write and machines they build.

The initiative also organized a high-level symposium at the Media Lab on the topic that took place in April 2016 between the academic community and industry leaders working on AI.