Generative AI-Enabled Context Personalization for Vocabulary Learning


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Joanne Leong

Fostering students' interests in learning is considered to have many positive downstream effects. Large language models have opened up new horizons for generating content tuned to one's interests, yet it is unclear in what ways and to what extent this customization could have positive effects on learning. To explore this novel dimension, we conducted a between-subjects online study (n=272) featuring different variations of a generative AI vocabulary learning app that enables users to personalize their learning examples. Participants were randomly assigned to control (sentence sourced from pre-existing text) or experimental conditions (generated sentence or short story based on users’ text input). While we did not observe a difference in learning performance between the conditions, the analysis revealed that generative AI-driven context personalization positively affected learning motivation. We discuss how these results relate to previous findings and underscore their significance for the emerging field of using generative AI for personalized~learning.

This paper will be presented in-person at the upcoming CHI 2024 conference in Honolulu, HI, USA, between May 11-16 2024.