Waves of Kindness


Scratch studio: Stop The War! - peace for Ukraine!

Scratch studio: Stop The War! - peace for Ukraine!

By Mitchel Resnick (inspired by Olesia Vlasii)

Last week, I received a heart-wrenching email message from a Ukrainian educator named Olesia Vlasii. Since then, I have interacted with Olesia several times through email and Zoom. I have been deeply inspired by Olesia’s words and thoughts about the power of kindness, and I want to do whatever I can to amplify her voice and ideas. It is people like Olesia who give me hope for the future.

Here is an excerpt from Olesia’s original email message:

I’m Olesia Vlasii, a Ukrainian teacher, a mother, and a children’s poet…

I have been excited by your activity since 2007 when I see Scratch Cat first. From that time, I have been taught my students to create kind projects on Scratch. During the last few years, we spent many events to show how we can bring something good to the world using Scratch…

Now, it is a very hard time for my native country. Russia not only has begun a war, but it has also attacked civil people. It is ugly! It is unbelievable that it could be in the XXI century. Many civil people died, also kids…

Each of our people does something for others in different ways. I’m constantly praying for all and believe that a big kindness can help us.

Dear, you have created the largest peaceful environment for kids (and not only kids!) around the world. That is why I decided to write you and ask for help. I believe, your bright powerful brain and big kind heart find a way to create the largest wave of kindness to help to stop the big evil. I’m ready to help with anything. Please help save Ukrainian kids.

In the message, Olesia refers to the Scratch programming language and online community, which enables children to create and share interactive stories, games, and animations. I love how Olesia has supported her students in creating “kind projects,” to “bring something good to the world.” And I resonate with her belief that we need “to create the largest wave of kindness to help stop the big evil.”

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