Spinoff Graviky Labs unveils collaboration with Johnnie Walker and Bulletproof


Courtesy of Johnnie Walker

Courtesy of Johnnie Walker

Graviky Labs, a Media Lab spinoff co-founded by Fluid Interfaces alum Anirudh Sharma, has unveiled a collaboration with Johnnie Walker and Bulletproof, a creative agency with offices in London and New York City. 

The “Keep Walking City Collection" arose from Bulletproof's research showing that many members of Generation Z feel more connected to their cities than to their countries. To highlight this connection, Bulletproof commissioned street artist in cities around the world to create art that evokes a strong sense of place using Graviky Labs' AIR-INK, a rich, black pigment extracted from soot and auto emissions. 

Labels illustrating the contemporary life of Warsaw, Bangkok, and Madrid have already launched, and London, Sao Paulo, Lagos, Istanbul, Tokyo, and Delhi are coming soon. 

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