Spatial’s AR collaboration platform allows people to instantly teleport anywhere in the world and work together with others as if in the same room. Spatial has been featured in two Microsoft CEO keynotes, noting the launch of the Hololens 2, and its integration with the Microsoft stack. 

Spatial was founded by two of the world's leading interface designers, both TED speakers. Anand sold Bumptop, his last company, to Google and was the first PM on Android. Jinha, an MIT Media Lab alum, created a pioneering AR computer SpaceTop, and was ranked by Fast Company as one of the world's greatest living designers. Covered in Forbes, the BBC, Fast Company, Inc, TechCrunch, and Engadget, Spatial is currently working with leading companies like Mattel and Ford, and exploring partnerships with more than 10 percent of the Fortune 1000. 

Browse the company website for more information.

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