SEI Exhibition at Ars Electronica 2019: 50 Years After the Moon


MIT Media Lab

Steve Boxall

Ars Electronica Festival 

September 5-9, 2019 at POSTCITY, Linz, Austria 

50 years after the Apollo 11 lunar landing, we are seeing another strong push on space exploration, from new and renewed space programs in developed and developing countries to innovative technologies and commercial services from private industry. Along the way, cultural production for outer space becomes crucial for humanity as we expand beyond the earthbound. In the past, the desires of exploration and expansion had a profound impact on our imaginations of planetary futures. What shall we imagine now? In this exhibition, six projects form the Space Exploration Initiative of the MIT Media Lab are asking the same question and bringing possibilities to the (im)possible space.

All the projects were successfully deployed and performed in a zero-gravity parabolic flight last year. They are hopes beyond solutions, imaginations; they are more than facts. Our effort addresses outer space as a critical territory that must be inhabited—imaginatively, artistically, scientifically, and collaboratively.

Learn more about our exhibit here

Curator & Author: Xin Liu

Artists: Maggie Coblentz, Sands Fish, Alexis Hope, Nicole L’Huillier, Xin Liu, Manuel Muccillo, Thomas Sanchez Lengeling, Harpreet Sareen, Valentina Sumini

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