JoDS Issue 3: Resisting Reduction

The MIT Media Lab and the MIT Press are pleased to announce Resisting Reduction, the third issue of the Journal of Design and Science, an online publication that explores the relationship between design and science—two worlds that intertwine in powerful and subtle ways.

Our new issue looks at designing a complex and unknowable future with machines and questions theories such as the Singularity along with modern economic and market-based decision making. What if the promise of AI is not a question of humans versus machines but one of intelligence augmentation in collaboration with machines? Can you envision a new approach to increase human flourishing informed by second-order cybernetics, systems dynamics, and complex systems that resists the dangerous reductionist paradigms we currently use?  These essays, contributed by Nicky Case, Pip Mothersill, John Palfrey, Stewart Brand, Jennifer Pahlka, Anjali Sastry, and Nicholas Negroponte, explore machine intelligence in light of diverse ecosystems in nature and its relationship to humanity.

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