Introducing: PLIX Inflatables!

Emily Han

The Public Library Innovation Exchange (PLIX) has recently released its latest creative learning activity: Inflatables! PLIX Inflatables was created as part of our co-design program, where public librarians team up with Media Lab researchers to bring their work into libraries as hands-on programming. This round, we teamed up with Dave Fink (Michigan City Library, Indiana) and Allie Affinito (New York Public Library) to translate MAS PhD student Kyung Yun Choi's Therms-Up project into a series of prompts that invite library patrons into the world of playful, soft robotics. 

Inflatables use upcyclyed materials (like chip and snack bags) to create interactive, air-powered creations that explore sculpture and architecture, fashion and wearables, and pop-up toys. You can find more about this activity (including all learning materials, facilitator resources, and materials lists) on our activity repository:

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