MAS Degrees and Course Requirements

Stephanie Ku 

Masters Students

  • 66 graduate academic course units (MAS.940 and MAS.941/Thesis Prep plus any other grad-level classes)
  • 96 research units, typically 24 units per semester (MAS.910 for a letter grade)
  • Complete a thesis (MAS.THG). The masters thesis is expected to be a significant piece of work that (1) demonstrates knowledge of the field of research and its literature, and (2) presents a validated contribution to the academic field of study defined by the thesis advisor. Often, the thesis is a component of a larger research effort in the advisor’s group, in which case the specific contribution of the student should be made clear.
  • Masters students must be in residence at least four semesters.
  • Students may select one of three designations for their degree: Master of Science in Media Arts and Sciences, Master of Science in Media Technology, or Master of Science without specification.

Doctoral Students

Grade Expectations

MAS students are expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 or greater (out of 5.0). Any incomplete/OX or missing grades accumulated during graduate study must be resolved before degrees are awarded.

Academic Progress Expectations

MAS students are expected to complete all requirements of the graduate program based on the MAS degree timeline.  The MAS masters typically takes two academic years and the MAS PhD  four academic years. Advisors are responsible to communicate how progress is going via regular communication/meetings and MAS.910 grades. MAS staff will check in once a semester with students who are behind in the degree timeline to see if there are any issues, offer help and to make sure students have a plan for completion.

For more information on graduate student performance expectations, please refer to the OGE website.

Students are encouraged to meet with MAS staff if they have questions or concerns about academic progress.  MIT also has many student academic and personal resources available.

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