Live-Coding, Performance, And Computational Art With Char Stiles


Tech In Arts Podcast

Tech In Arts Podcast

In the third episode of the Art&&Code podcast series, AMT Lead Researcher Hannah Brainard talks with Char Stiles, a computational artist, educator, and programmer based in Cambridge, MA. Stiles works creatively in the lower levels of graphical computational systems and is currently at the MIT Media Lab’s Future Sketches group.

In this podcast, Stiles talks about how her background in painting introduced her to the world of live visuals. While enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University, Stiles picked up gigs as a VJ and has since gone on to perform internationally, including festivals such as Electric Forest and Mutek Nexus. Additionally, Stiles shared about the importance of working collaboratively in the creative process through groups like and Hex House. Stiles dives into her current and recent work with galactic algorithms and extending live-coding visuals into augmented reality spaces. This podcast was made in partnership with the Frank Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry. 

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