Kevin O'Connell Hosts Dr. Zolana Joao on Space Economy Podcast


Space Economy Insights

Space Economy Insights

by Alessandra Davy-Falconi

Aug. 30, 2023


Kevin O'Connell, of Space Economy Rising, former director at the Office of Space Commerce, US Department of Commerce, as well as an Affiliate of the Space Enabled research group at the Media Lab, interviewed Dr. Zolana Joao on the third episode of Space Economy Insights.  Dr. Joao, who serves as Director General of the Angolan National Space Office and Architect of Angola’s Space Strategy spoke about the genesis of the Angolan National Space Office, borne out of the end of conflict for Angola and driven by the need to create connectivity in order to improve education and economic growth.  In their conversation, they reviewed highlights of the original Angolan Space Strategy (2016-2025) in areas like capacity building, encouraging private sector activities, and international engagement and previewed how those might change in a future update.

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