Former Space Enabled UROP Elissa Gibson Featured by MIT News


Elissa Gibson

Elissa Gibson

via MIT News

March 9, 2023


Elissa Gibson, a former UROP with Space Enabled who worked with Dr. Katlyn Turner, was featured by MIT News in an article by Annie Dunlap about her interdisciplinary and community-building experiences as an MIT undergraduate.  The article reads, in part:

"A lifelong love of airplanes helped Gibson discover the MIT Introduction to Technology, Engineering, and Science, or MITES (formerly known as the Office of Engineering Outreach Programs), which helped carve a direct pathway to MIT. There, the Institute’s culture of infinite possibilities made it possible to pursue a unique double-major, obtain her pilot’s license in the span of a single summer break, discover her passion for community-building and mentoring Black students, and shadow surgeons in a South African hospital as part of MISTI-Africa post-graduation.

“I have the mindset of an engineer, and through my experience as a pilot, I came to understand the body as a system, which is how I became interested in how our bodies are affected by flight, which led me to declare a double major in Course 16 and Course 9,” says Gibson. “I found that I am passionate about figuring out how I can use all my interests for something good because it's so interesting to apply our technical skills in ways that can help people. For me, it was more than just connecting the dots; it was forming a constellation.”"

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