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MIT Media Lab

Jimmy Day, MIT Media Lab. 
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by David Sweeney

March 20, 2024

Every day we imagine, design, and build transformative technologies, experiences, and systems—enabling everyone to thrive.

For almost 40 years, the MIT Media Lab has been at the cutting-edge of interdisciplinary innovation, blending academic excellence with creative exploration. Our mission extends beyond inventing future technologies; we aim to ensure these innovations benefit society positively.

We collaborate with global organizations across industry, governments, foundations, and individual contributors to combine creativity and expertise, creating technologies that make a real difference. Our diverse team helps us solve big challenges and turn great ideas into reality. We're all about pushing the boundaries of what's possible, with a commitment to excellence, integrity, and inclusivity, aiming to create a world where technology lifts everyone.

This is the future the MIT Media Lab is striving to build.

How can you support the vision?

In a world where collaboration powers the most transformative ideas, your support ignites the spark of innovation that lights our path forward. By collaborating with the MIT Media Lab, you become a part of a dynamic ecosystem that thrives on synergy.  Let's create a future where technology serves humanity's best interests, promoting equity, understanding, and the shared joy of discovery. 

Together, we're not just envisioning the future; we're actively creating it. 

Alumni Engagement

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