IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing one of top IEEE CS journals in impact factor (2019)


Roland Larsson

Roland Larsson

The IEEE Computer Society—a global leading publisher of peer-reviewed magazines and journals covering all aspects of computer science, engineering, and technology—has announced that IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing is among its top journals in terms of impact factor for 2019. "Impact factor is a measurement of how often a scholarly publication’s articles are cited and therefore is an indicator of that publication’s importance and influence within a scientific community."

Rosalind W. Picard, head of the Affective Computing research group, pioneered the field of Affective Computing at the Media Lab.

“The release of the 2019 impact factors has confirmed the leadership role in computing of the IEEE CS publication portfolio across all areas of technical coverage,” said Fabrizio Lombardi, IEEE CS Vice President for Publications. “This remarkable accomplishment is not limited to the impact factor, as it also encompasses all other publication metrics such as article influence and Eigenfactor scores. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all our volunteer constituencies (reviewers, authors, editorial board members, and editors in chief) and the entire IEEE CS staff who have enabled this success and continued ascent in the publication echelons of computer engineering and science.”

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