Online Course: AI-Generated Media (Deepfakes for Good)

Fluid Interfaces Group

by Avery Normandin

May 24, 2021


The Media Lab is offering an online course on AI-generated Media (Deepfakes for Good) by Professor Pattie Maes and the Fluid Interfaces research group.

The next cohort starts April 5, sign ups are now open!

The course introduces some of the latest research projects in AI-generated media, and explores how the technology can be applied in a variety of different industries and use-cases. It is based on a Media Lab graduate course, and covers the history of synthetic media, introduces the core technologies to create and detect synthetic media, and explores a wide range of applications. We will also discuss the ethics and governance implications of this technology. 

We designed the course format to replicate how we learn and innovate at the Media Lab: by working in small teams with our peers, on projects we are passionate about, in a playful and experimental way. We are limiting the number of participants to enable deep connections among students and with the research team.

The course experience includes:

  • Five live seminars and office hours with researchers
  • A curated list of readings and other materials
  • Hands-on projects (coding experience a plus but not required)
  • A certificate for participants who complete all projects

In addition, there will be lots of opportunities to interact with other learners and engage in group discussions facilitated by Media Lab researchers.

Media Lab member companies are invited to contact the Member relations team to learn more about access to the course. 

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