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Tyler Schoeppner

Former Research Assistant
  • Responsive Environments

Tyler Schoeppner is a  Master’s student and research assistant in the Object-based Media group at the MIT Media Lab. His research interests lie in creating immersive and interactive light displays using 3D volumetric and holographic technology. Before joining the Media Lab, Tyler worked in Jena, Germany with Fraunhofer IOF and the Applied Physics Institute to develop microstructured anti-reflective surfaces for optical components. While in Jena, Tyler assisted the 3Dsensation team that uses lasers to create plasma 3D volumetric displays. He graduated with a MS degree in Photonics from the Fredrich-Schiller Universitat in 2018 and joined the Media Lab later that year. He received a BS in Engineering Physics from the Ohio State University in 2015. He is an avid rock climber, a lover of all outdoor activities.