Sean Auffinger

MIT Space Exploration Initiative Mission Integrator
  • Space Exploration Initiative

Sean serves as Mission Integrator for the MIT Space Exploration Initiative.

Sean brings with him experience working on many different commercial and military aircraft programs from his time at Boeing Research and Technology. As Mission Integrator, Sean works intimately with all flight opportunity bound projects across the SEI and MIT community to ensure they are flight ready by advising on technical requirements, design decisions, and flight operations, as well as interfacing with the various flight providers and providing engineering support as needed. In addition to flight missions Sean supports SEI's Earth-based field work missions. Sean supports teams on-site for all flight and field work missions, and has personally flown on six parabolic flights (140 total parabolas).

Alongside his Mission Integrator role, Sean facilitates the Zero-Gravity Flight Prep and Operating in the Lunar Environment courses.

Sean is based in Denver, CO, where he enjoys skiing, hiking, and mountain biking.