Past Member

Ri Ren

Former Research Assistant

Ren Ri is a research-based designer and artist, focusing on bio art at the intersection of art and science He has cooperated with insects such as bees to study the self-organizing eusocial structure for a long time, to explore the relationship between human, bees, and nature, and to reconstruct a common interface foundation, as a brand-new ‘language’.

His art is easily recognizable that his art and research focus on Nature’s most celebrated architects — bees — and their architectural masterpiece — the honeycomb. Even though it is considered to be quite an unusual and challenging material to work with, Ren Ri’s understanding of bee psychology, ethnology and nature help him to create, in collaboration with insects, mesmerizing arts.

Ren Ri’s most famous series, Yuansu series are all related to his intimate experience with bees as both an artist, a researcher and a beekeeper for more than ten years. His arts represent the synergy of how humans interact with nature, which involves harmony, destruction, molding, and interference, resulting in unpredictable, organic, volatile, and wondrous findings.

His researches thrive on a distinctive vision of diverse interactions of technology, design, science, and art, employing an intricate interface that allows us to heal, replenish, augment, and renew the relationship between humans, bees, and nature.

He has held solo and group exhibitions at cities all around the world including New York, London, Venice, Milan, Saint- Petersburg, Shanghai, Cologne, etc. He won the award of Goslarer Kaiserring Stipendium/Kaiser Ring Scholar 2015, German, for most potential artist, as the first Asian received the award since 1975.

He has a B.A. from Tsinghua University, an MS from Saint Petersburg Herzen State University, a Ph.D. in CAFA, and in 2020 he earned his another degree—Master of Science from Media Lab of MIT.