Parfait Atchade Adelomou

Research Affiliate
  • City Science

Parfait Atchadé, holding a Ph.D. in quantum computing, is at the forefront of pioneering humanized Agent-Based Modeling (h-ABM). He dedicates his expertise to crafting tools that transform cities and denizens into living laboratories. These laboratories are instrumental in decision-making processes, voting systems, and predicting behaviors and affection that closely mirror human dynamics. Atchadé is committed to the confluence of urbanity and technology as an Urban Optimization Scientist. His research delves into cutting-edge generative urban modeling and simulation, future mobility solutions, and decentralized decision-making mechanisms. In recent years, Atchadé has ventured into quantum computing and graph-based optimization for mobility under stringent constraints, rigorously testing his research against the crucible of real-world challenges.

He's lecturing at La Salle University in Barcelona and the University of Barcelona. Atchadé holds a master’s in business administration (MBA) and a Master's in telecommunication from Barcelona.