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Will Patrick


3D Printed Multimaterial Microfluidic Valve

Steven J. Keating, M. Isabella Gariboldi, William Patrick, Sunanda Sharma, David Sun Kong, Neri Oxman


Grown, Printed, and Biologically Augmented: An Additively Manufactured Microfluidic Wearable

Christoph Bader, William G. Patrick, Dominik Kolb, Stephanie G. Hays, Steven Keating, Sunanda Sharma, Daniel Dikovsky, Boris Belocon, James C. Weaver, Pamela A. Silver, Neri Oxman


DNA Assembly in 3D Printed Fluidics

William G. Patrick, Alec A. K. Nielsen, Steven J. Keating, Taylor J. Levy, Che­Wei Wang, Jaime J. Rivera, Octavio Mondragón­Palomino, Peter A. Carr, Christopher A. Voigt, Neri Oxman, David S. Kong


Better Together: Engineering and Application of Microbial Symbioses

S. Hays, William Patrick, M. Ziesack, Neri Oxman, P. Silver


Designing the Ocean Pavilion: Biomaterial Templating of Structural, Manufacturing, and Environmental Performance

Laia Mogas-Soldevila, Jorge Duro-Royo, Markus Kayser, Daniel Lizardo, William Patrick, Sunanda Sharma, Steven J. Keating, John Klein, Chikara Inamura , Neri Oxman


An ecological framework for cancer communication: implications for research

K. Patrick, Stephen Intille, M. Zabinski