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Maria Regina Apodaca Moreno

Former Research Assistant
  • Space Enabled

M. Regina Apodaca M. is currently a Ph.D. Student at the Space Enabled Research Group. Her research work and interest are tied to the wax propulsion project as well as the Zero Robotics outreach project. 

Regina was previously a Master student at the Space Propulsion Lab in the AeroAstro department. Her master thesis was on the study of ionic liquids, or molten salts at room temperature, and Lithium salt mixtures as Ionic sources for electrospray propulsion. 

She did her B.S. in physics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Regina's undergraduate thesis was on the “Fundamental Study into Rotor Outwash and Dusk Kick-up under Mars-like Conditions”, a project that is part of the Mars Helicopter Scout collaboration. 

Regina's research interest and experience are extremely broad, ranging from space propulsion, fluid dynamics and aeromechanics to astronomical instrumentation, observational astronomy and theoretical astrophysics.