Past Member

Rony Kubat

Fluid Interfaces

An Immersive System for Browsing and Visualizing Surveillance Video

Philip DeCamp, George Shaw, Rony Kubat, Deb Roy


Lens: A Javascript SDK for Building Web-Based Augmented Reality Applications on the LuminAR Platform

Ben Weissmann, Natan Linder, Rony Kubat, Pattie Maes


Semantic context effects on color categorization

Rony Kubat, Daniel Mirman, Deb Roy


Object Schemas for Grounding Language in a Responsive Robot

Kai-yuh Hsiao, Stefanie Tellex, Soroush Vosoughi, Rony Kubat, Deb Roy


A hybrid control system for puppeteering a live robotic stage actor

G. Hoffman, R. Kubat, C. Breazeal


Object Schemas for Responsive Robotic Language Use

Kai-yuh Hsiao, Soroush Vosoughi, Stefanie Tellex, Rony Kubat, Deb Roy


TotalRecall: Visualization and Semi-Automatic Annotation of Very Large Audio-Visual Corpora

Rony Kubat, Philip DeCamp, Brandon Roy, Deb Roy


The Human Speechome Project

Deb Roy, Rupal Patel, Philip DeCamp, Rony Kubat, Michael Fleischman, Brandon Roy, Nikolaos Mavridis, Stefanie Tellex, Alexia Salata, Jethran Guinness, Michael Levit, Peter Gorniak