Past Member

Yasmine (Jasmin) Rubinovitz

  • Viral Communications

Designer and engineer Jasmin Rubinovitz is currently a research assistant in the Viral Communications group at the MIT Media Lab.  Her interests include exploring the ways we communicate with people and objects in our surrounding environment.

Some of her work in the Viral Communications group includes:

  • Developing AI models to analyze unstructured broadcast news using deep learning algorithms; 
  • Working with a team of Media Lab students to develop, a game that simplifies the process of calling congress while encouraging a social network to do the same;
  • Designing and building interactive data visualizations to easily explore the information and different perspectives in mass media and to enable humans and machine learning models to collaborate; and
  • Designing and fabricating a smart bicycle helmet with touch-enabled turn signals and acceleration-activated brake lights.

Before joining the Media Lab, Jasmin was a software engineer at Google. Jasmin received her BS in computer science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a BFA in ceramic design from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.