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Inigo Martinez Lopez

Former Research Assistant
  • Changing Places

Iñigo is an engineering graduate carrying out his master's thesis work at the MIT Media Lab, City Science group. He is performing research on the Persuasive Electric Vehicle (PEV) project, working on the mechanical design and fabrication of interior and exterior systems.

In particular, he is focused on developing an active tilting system for the PEV. Combining a robust control strategy and a simple front suspension design, the tilting of this three wheeler vehicle will enhance the user´s experience, increase the stability in the curves and minimize the perceived acceleration by the driver.

Before joining MIT, Iñigo received his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technologies from Tecnun-University of Navarra, in Spain. Among other projects, he has taken part in the design and fabrication of two Formula Student cars, as chassis team responsible. At the moment he is concluding a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering.