Past Member

Flavio L. Portas Pinheiro

Former Postdoctoral Associate

Flávio joined the Collective Learning group as a postdoctoral associate in 2016. He was born in Torres Vedras (Portugal), obtained his a bachelor's and master's degrees in physics in the University of Lisbon (Portugal), and holds a PhD in physics from the MAP-Fis program at the University of Minho (Portugal).

His research explores how the structure of social and economic systems affects the decision making of agents, when agents are either embedded on these structures (i.e., social networks) or making decisions over structured systems (i.e., technological and economic networks).

In the past his research has helped unveil how population structure—static and adaptive—enables the evolution of cooperative/pro-social behavior in populations of self-interested and rationally bounded individuals, and in characterizing the resulting emergent peer-influence patterns.