Past Member

John S. Driscoll

Former Visiting Scholar

Couch Potatoes Sprout; The Rise of Online Community Journalism
Jack Driscoll, author
Xlibris Corporation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008.
ISBN 978-1-4363-7159-9

Diary of a Hobo
Bill Jodrey, Jack Driscoll, editor
Xlibris Corporation, New York, New York, 2001.
ISBN 1-4010-3564-7

Heaven Becomes Hell, A Survivor Tells of Life Under Khmer Rouge
Ly Y, Jack Driscoll, editor
Yale University Southeast Asia Studies, New Haven, Connecticut, 2000.
ISBN 0-938692-74-7

Creating creators in: i in the sky: Visions of the information future
Alison Scammell, editor
American Society of Newspaper Editors
Aslib, IMI, in London, 1999.
ISBN 0 85142-431-7

COME THE MILLENNIUM; Interviews on the Shape of the Future
Jack Driscoll, editor and author of one chapter
American Society of Newspaper Editors
Andrew & McMeel, Kansas City, Missouri, 1994.
ISBN 0-8362-8070-9