Ceasar McDowell

Professor of the Practice of Community Development
  • MIT Center for Constructive Communication

Professor of the Practice of Community Development, Ed.D. Harvard Ceasar L. McDowell holds an Ed.D. (88) and M.Ed. (84) from Harvard. Ceasar's current work is on the development of community knowledge systems and civic engagement. He is also expanding his critical moments reflection methodology to identify, share, and maintain grassroots knowledge. His research and teaching interests also include the use of mass media and technology in promoting democracy and community-building, the education of urban students, the development and use of empathy in community work, civil rights history, peacemaking, and conflict resolution. He is Director of the Global Civic Engagement Organization, Dropping Knowledge International, MIT's former Center for Reflective Community Practice (renamed Co-Lab), Co-founder of The Civil Rights Forum on Telecommunications Policy, and founding Board member of The Algebra Project.

Areas of Interest

Conflict, Dispute Resolution, Mediation, and Participatory Planning, Social, Inclusion, and Diversity Planning

Selected Publications

McDowell, Ceasar, et al. "Standardized tests and program evaluation: Inappropriate measures in critical times." Knowledge Management for Development Journal. 1.3 (2005).