Past Member

Levi Cai


FIBERBOTS: an autonomous swarm-based robotic system for digital fabrication of fiber-based composites

Markus Kayser, Levi Cai, Sara Falcone, Christoph Bader, Nassia Inglessis, Barrak Darweesh, and Neri Oxman, Constr Robot (2018) 2: 67.


Towards Site-Specific and Self-Sufficient Robotic Fabrication on Architectural Scales

S. J. Keating, J. C. Leland, L. Cai, N. Oxman, Toward site-specific and self-sufficient robotic fabrication on architectural scales. Science Robotics. 2, (2017)


Iterative expansion microscopy

Chang, J.-B., Chen, F., Yoon, Y.-G., Jung, E. E., Babcock H., Kang J.-S., Asano S., Suk H.-J., Pak N., Tillberg P.W., Wassie A., Cai D., Boyden E.S. (2017) Iterative expansion microscopy, Nature Methods 14:593-599.